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This is a place for personal insights into our work by Save the Redwoods League leaders, President and CEO Sam Hodder, General Counsel Harry Pollack, Director of Science Emily Burns and Director of Outreach Jennifer Benito. Please join the conversation by posting your stories and comments.

Jake recording data.

Looking for the Forest in Bloom

While many people were searching for brightly colored eggs this past Sunday, I spent my Easter hiking in the forest looking for trillium and rhododendron flowers. As I walked along the Lady Bird Johnson Trail in Redwood National Park, I started to look at the forest with new eyes. I accompanied two Humboldt State University […]

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Photo of Big Basin area © 2011 William K Matthias

Happy Earth Day!

Did you know that Earth Day is the world’s largest civic observance? Every year, it’s celebrated by more than a billion people in 192 countries. On Earth Day, I like to take some time to simply appreciate the natural beauty and wonder of the Earth. While there’s no substitute for the real thing, these three […]

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John Muir in his beloved Sierra Nevada. Photo courtesy the National Park Service.

Happy John Muir Day!

Happy John Muir Day! Born 176 years ago today, John Muir is possibly the most renowned American naturalist, writer and philosopher — and for good reason! Muir helped preserve Yosemite Valley and Sequoia National Park, he founded the Sierra Club, and he is considered a father of the National Parks idea. In celebration of John […]

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There is nothing better than exposing a student to nature in a way that will have a lasting positive impact.

Happy Environmental Education Week!

It’s National Environmental Education Week, and that means we’re celebrating all the wonderful schools and organizations around the world who work to connect youths and their families to the natural world. In my own experience growing up, I was fortunate to be connected to the natural world through amazing school programs and outdoor adventures with […]

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Top 5 Fascinating Redwoods Facts

It’s National Environmental Education Week! This week is a celebration of environmental education and a special time to inspire learning and stewardship among students. I can’t say enough about how important outdoor education is to complete the circle of land conservation! Check out my two-part blog on Kids in the Redwoods to learn why, and […]

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Small salamanders are having a big impact. Photo by Anthony Ambrose

Salamanders in the News

It’s not often that salamanders make the New York Times.  But last week, the ‘Science’ section featured an article on a study investigating the role of salamanders in the global carbon cycle. Basically, salamanders are among the top predators in the forest, preying on bugs that shred and decompose leaf litter and organic material on […]

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Getting there isn’t always half the fun — but these resources can help!

Handy E-Resources for Redwoods Trips

Want to hike or camp in the redwoods?  Don’t know where to go, don’t have a car, or need a last minute camp site? Or maybe you don’t want to go alone, or are wondering if your dog will be welcome.  Don’t let the unknowns keep you indoors —there’s an app for that, or a […]

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Oakland Tech Takes to the Woods

Last Friday, three school buses motored up into the Oakland Hills with 140 ninth graders from Oakland Tech High School. These students joined us to visit Chabot Space & Science Center and explore the coast redwood forest just beyond. Despite the morning rainfall, these students worked with League Education Manager, Deborah Zierten, to measure the […]

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Kids in the Redwoods, Part 2

Last week, I wrote about the value of bringing kids to the redwoods.  A family trip to the redwoods can be such an incredible gift to children, creating lifelong memories and a connection with nature that can improve life in so many ways.  But as a parent, I know that can be a lot harder […]

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Meet the Treetop Lichen

Lichens contribute such beautiful colors to our redwood forests, growing elegantly on trees, fallen logs, and rocks. Each lichen you see is actually a symbiotic partnership — algae or cyanobacteria wrapped up in a fungal package. Thanks to canopy biologists Rikke Reese Næsborg, Cameron Williams, Marie Antoine, and Stephen Sillett, those of us on the ground now have a  window into the tremendous lichen diversity aloft in the redwood […]

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